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Protecting Your Family And Your Legacy

Whether you have recently lost a loved one and need assistance administering the estate or you are considering your options when drafting a will or establishing a trust, it’s important to work with an attorney who can offer clear, actionable advice focused on you, your family and your long-term goals.

At Ashley Miles, P.C., we provide clients with the tools they need to prepare comprehensive estate plans to avoid future complications such as will contests and probate litigation. Additionally, we help people in Georgia as well as those from outside the state avoid complications when administering estates and make sense of the probate process.

Estate Planning: Plan, Prepare And Protect

Most people don’t want to think about what will happen to their property, assets and family after they pass. Although it may be uncomfortable to consider, it’s important to prepare today and avoid placing unnecessary burdens on your loved ones after you’re gone. By taking time to work with attorney Ashley Miles and explore your options for creating a will, trusts and other estate planning instruments, you can save your family a great deal of time, money and heartache in the future.

Compassionate Counsel And Strong Representation During Probate

Our experienced estate planning and probate lawyers can advise you whether an estate needs to go through probate and which type of proceeding is best for your situation. The type of probate proceeding will depend on whether a will exists, whether real property is included in the estate, if potential heirs and creditors voice objections and many other factors.

Probate proceedings often involve other estate planning issues that merit the assistance of an experienced attorney, including tax issues, deeds, titles and creditor notices. Conversely, if an adverse probate ruling has been made, you may be able to appeal that ruling in court. We can help you file your probate appeal and offer guidance on your options for fighting an adverse probate ruling.

Administration Of Estates

Administration of an estate involves gathering and evaluating all assets of the estate, paying off any debts and liabilities, and then distributing the remainder. How long it takes to close an estate depends on the complexity of the estate: Some assets can pass directly to a beneficiary, such as retirement accounts and life insurance, while other assets, such as real property, are required to go through probate. Our lawyers have the knowledge and skill to guide you or your loved one’s Georgia estate through the entire administrative process from beginning to end.

It Is Never Too Early Or Late To Start Preparing Your Estate

Whether you are just starting to consider your options for preparing a will or other estate planning instruments, or you just completed the probate process after losing a loved one and want to take steps to spare your family from going through the same experience, an attorney at our firm can sit down with you, review your situation and help you create an intelligent and adaptable estate plan.

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