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Navigating The Georgia Probate Process

For families still trying to manage emotions after the loss of a loved one, the probate process can feel intrusive, intimidating and inconvenient. As frustrating as the process may be, it’s important to ensure that heirs are notified, that the estate is inventoried, appraised and administered properly, and that numerous other issues are resolved in a timely manner. A lawyer can be your greatest advocate as you move through an emotional and legally complex time in your life.

At Ashley Miles, P.C., we can help you with all aspects of the probate process. Whether your loved one was a resident of McIntosh County, owned property in the area but lived outside the state or passed intestate (without a will), we can explain the law, guide you through the process and ensure your family’s legacy is protected. Call our Darien office now at 912-289-0566 to schedule your consultation.

It Is Best To Be Prepared For Probate Disputes

Emotions run high after the loss of a loved one. In some cases, potential heirs may feel slighted by the will’s provisions or voice doubts about its validity. Whether you are the designated executor/administrator of the estate and need some help executing your duties or an heir with concerns, we are here to help.

Below is a general step-by-step overview of the probate process:

  • A petition will be filed with the probate court.
  • Notices will be sent to all heirs under the will or statutory heirs if there is no will.
  • A petition to appoint an executor or administrator for the estate will be submitted.
  • The executor/administrator will inventory and appraise the estate.
  • Debts on the estate will be resolved with appropriate creditors.
  • Estate assets will be sold.
  • All estate taxes will be paid.
  • The executor/administrator will oversee the final distribution of assets to heirs.

Depending on the circumstances, probate can take a significant amount of time – particularly if litigation is necessary to resolve a will contest or other disputed matters. By working with an attorney who understands estate law, you can resolve disputes in a timely manner or avoid them altogether.

Let Us Guide You Through The Probate Process In Georgia

If you have questions about probate and other estate planning matters, contact attorney Ashley Miles at our Darien, Georgia, law office by calling 912-289-0566. You can also schedule a free initial consultation by filling out our email contact form.