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Accomplished Criminal Defense In DUI And Other Misdemeanor Cases

Law enforcement officials in McIntosh County and the surrounding areas are vigilant and zealously enforce the local laws. Georgia’s southeastern coast gets a steady stream of travelers, and authorities are diligent about enforcing speed limit regulations and other laws, particularly along the Interstate 95 corridor.

If you need to respond to a traffic ticket or other misdemeanor charge in McIntosh County or neighboring counties, it is smart to enlist the help of a criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience in the local courts.

The law office of Ashley Miles, P.C., has a strong record representing both local and out-of-state residents who face charges for speeding, DUI and other traffic offenses, as well as drug possession and a variety of other misdemeanor criminal charges.

Our Flat Fee For Criminal Work Lets You Know The Cost Of Your Defense From The Start

We handle all criminal cases for a flat fee that will be determined after we get a full understanding of the details of your case. Our clients appreciate knowing the cost of their defense up front.

Our firm works to minimize the overall cost and impact that criminal charges have on your life. We represent clients in a wide range of cases, including:

An arrest may show up on your record even if you were not convicted, which could negatively impact employment opportunities. We work with clients to restrict criminal records so they are only visible to courts and law enforcement officials. We can explain your rights in this area.

Ms. Miles, a native of Darien, Georgia, has practiced law in the area since graduating from the Georgia State University College of Law in 2009. She understands that a DUI conviction or conviction of an infraction of Georgia’s super speeder law — drivers cited for speeding at 75mph on a two-lane road or 85mph on any other road, regardless of the speed limit, will face an additional $200 fine in conjunction with the original ticket’s fees and fines — often results in significant penalties, as well as potentially higher auto insurance rates and the possibility of a suspended license.

A Full Review Of Your Arrest And How To Respond

Whether you are a local resident or live out of state, we will work closely with you to get a full understanding of the incidents that led up to your arrest. Law enforcement officials have been known to overstep their legal rights. If necessary, we will conduct our own investigation to determine if there is any reason to have your case dismissed.

In many cases, we are able to get the charges reduced in order to minimize the financial impact on our clients, avoid license suspension or even avoid jail time. If you face DUI charges or any misdemeanor criminal charges, let a lawyer who has a proven record in McIntosh County help.

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