Legal Guidance

With A Local Touch

Work with a lawyer who knows your community and is experienced in navigating the local legal system.

A Timely Response Can Make All The Difference

In many legal matters, especially in criminal matters, acting promptly is important to producing positive results. The sooner you call, the sooner our experienced lawyers can develop a legal strategy tailored to your case.

At Ashley Miles, P.C., you will work with Darien attorney Ashley Miles from the initial consultation through the resolution of your case. We provide regular updates so you always stay informed on the status of your case.


Know Your Legal Costs Upfront

Our criminal cases are handled on a flat-fee basis, so there are no surprises regarding your legal costs. 

Assertive and Cost-Effective Criminal Defense

We work to minimize the overall cost and impact that a DUI, drug arrest or any other criminal charge may have on your life.


Comprehensive Estate Planning and Probate

We help with estate administration, probate matters and estate plans that meet your financial goals.


Experienced Real Estate Representation

Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, developing or facing a real estate dispute, we protect your interests.


We Work With Out-Of-State Clients

Southeast Georgia attracts a high volume of tourists, some of whom are arrested while visiting the area. We regularly represent residents who live in other states in speeding, drunk driving and other criminal matters. There is a good chance we can resolve your case without requiring you to return to Georgia.

Additionally, many of our clients are retirees. With an established estate planning and probate practice, we help people from all walks of life prepare their estates and protect their legacies. We also work with family and loved ones who may reside outside the state when engaging in estate administration, trusts administration or navigating the probate process.