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A conviction on drug charges – even misdemeanor possession charges – can have serious negative consequences. It may affect your current job situation, eliminate future work opportunities, limit your ability to purchase a firearm, prevent you from obtaining student loans or negatively impact your family life.

If you face drug charges in McIntosh County or elsewhere in Southeast Georgia, it is critical to enlist the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to address these issues. At Ashley Miles, P.C., our attorneys have more than 15 years of combined criminal defense experience and a lengthy history of positive results for people who are charged with drug-related crimes. You can call us now at 912-289-0566 to schedule your first meeting.

Representing Georgia Residents And Those Who Live Out Of State

Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of federal and state laws as they apply to search and seizure procedures and the boundaries that law enforcement officials must adhere to. If overzealous law enforcement officers violated your rights, we will file for charges to be dismissed.

Our effective and experienced criminal defense lawyers who resolves cases without the need to go to court. They have a comprehensive knowledge of alternative sentencing programs that can be used in lieu of incarceration. Our lawyers will invest time early in the process to understand your objectives and develop a strategy designed to reach those goals.

We aggressively advocate for clients who face a wide range of drug charges, including:

Defending Your Rights And Protecting Your Future

Our clients work directly with our lawyers from the initial consultation through the resolution of the case. We make effective use of email and other technology to keep you informed at every phase. Our goal is to minimize the impact that criminal charges have on your professional and personal life.

If you face charges for drug crimes or any misdemeanor charges, contact us to schedule a free consultation by calling 912-289-0566. We can assess the facts of your case, answer your questions and recommend an effective course of action.