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What can you do to strengthen your will?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Estate Planning

A contest to your will can considerably delay the probate process. If it is successful, your estate plans could be thrown in disarray after the court revokes your will. As a result, your final instructions regarding your estate might not be executed, and some of your former beneficiaries may lose out.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a document that will stand against any legal tests or contests. It could save your loved ones a lot of trouble once you are gone. Here are some of the ways you can strengthen your will.

Ensure your will is properly executed

Your will should be drafted when you are of sound mind and must be signed and witnessed in most cases. It is advisable to prove your competency when signing the will to prevent a challenge because of a lack of legal capacity.

For instance, having two witnesses when signing your will can go a long way in proving that you knew what you were doing and that your will is an accurate representation of your final wishes.

Consider having a no-contest clause

To discourage beneficiaries from contesting the will on frivolous grounds, you may want to explore the possibility of including a no-contest clause. It works by disinheriting a potential heir who challenges the will and loses.

Explain your decisions to your heirs

It will be much better if you communicate and explain your decisions beforehand. It will help bring to light and address any concerns by your beneficiaries before they manifest during probate.

When making a will, it is crucial to have a sound document that you are sure will leave your loved ones in safe hands. Property disputes can tear down your family, but you can avoid them by having a solid will.