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We Will Guide You Through The Adoption Process

Adopting a child is a momentous step that is cause for celebration, but the legal aspects of adoption can be complex. It is wise to work with a lawyer who has experience with Georgia adoptions and who has a thorough understanding of Georgia law as it applies to adoption.

At Ashley Miles, P.C., our Darien office gives adopting parents knowledgeable legal guidance in a confidential and client-friendly environment. Our knowledgeable attorney, Ashley Miles, will guide you through every step of the process and work to make it as efficient as possible. You can schedule your first meeting by calling our firm now at 912-289-0566.

Sensitive And Confidential Adoption Representation

We understand the sensitive and emotional nature of adoption. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with clients in this area, helping them understand the regulations that must be adhered to, as well as the financial assistance that may be available to them.

We represent individuals and couples in a wide range of adoptions, including:

  • Prospective adoptive parents who are using an agency or who already have a private arrangement
  • Prospective adoptive parents who have not identified an agency
  • Stepparents who wish to adopt a stepchild
  • Grandparents who wish to adopt a grandchild
  • Second-parent adoptions for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) couples
  • Expectant mothers who want to find a caring home for their newborn

If you are a stepparent, grandparent, sibling or another third party who wishes to adopt a child, the parental rights of the child’s biological parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must be terminated. If a legal parent is unwilling to terminate his or her parental rights, you may be able to petition the court to terminate the parent’s rights if it can be shown the parent abandoned the child, failed to support the child, did not communicate with the child for an extended period, or is unfit to be the child’s parent.

Talk To An Attorney Now

We invite you to call 912-289-0566 or use the contact form on this website to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Georgia adoptions attorney.